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George El Khoury healing evangelist Founder and Chairman of
Sprit Channel is traveling the world in service of his Lord and Savior
Jesus Christ who is confirming his ministry with signs and wonders.

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George El Khoury Background

Two medals of honor from the Republic of France
Founder and Chief Executive of Two banks in London

Founder and Chief Executive of a bank in Bahrain
Founder and in charge of a bank in Houston – Texas – U.S.A

Member of the Board of Director of three banks London, Geneva, Beirut.

Chairman of three banking committees

Founder chairman of “A.C.L. Lebanon Financial Market Association (80 Banks)
Founder chairman of “Inter – Arab Cambist Association (250 Banks)

Fellow of “The International Bankers Association F.I.B.A”
Fellow of “The Arab Bankers Association F.A.B.A”


Le Banquier de Dieu

مصرفي الله

The Banker of God


Miracles in English
Miracles en Français
عجايب بالعربية


Encounter With Christ
Rencontre avec Christ
لقاء مع المسيح